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Yoga, Anga and Greta:)

Greta Yoga Motivation

Just the beginning of the collection of yoga class sequences I’ve written and taught. I know how very many hours went in to planning and revising for me. That’s the very reason I want to share the best of them with yoga teachers everywhere. . If you were able to save all of your planning […]

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class 13 – focus on twisting

  Would you like this emailed to you in a PDF form? Mobile optimized too! Click here!   Twisting (60-minute beginner/intermediate vinyasa) Introduction Child’s pose (minimum 10 breaths) *transition to (can use hands and feet): (exhale) Downward dog (minimum 5 breaths) (exhale) wide-stance down facing dog with opposite ankle grip (minimum 5 breaths per side) […]

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