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Class 11 – half lord-of-the-fishes

half lord of the fishes (ardha matsyendrasana) (60-minute beginner/intermediate vinyasa) Would you like this emailed to you in a PDF form? Mobile optimized too! Click here!   Introduction Child’s pose (minimum 10 breaths) (inhale) Cow pose (minimum 2 breaths) (exhale) Cat pose (minimum 2 breaths) Flow 3 times with breath *transition to (can use hands […]

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ReadytoteachYOGA Affiliate Program

As a yoga teacher trainer, you are the one to see the transformation of the yoga instructors of tomorrow. I created as a resource for new yoga instructors and having received wonderful feedback and interest, we would like to offer you a partnership. Please look at the free sequences: If you think your new […]

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