Monthly Archives: November 2015

Teaching yoga – a few things to consider

While these may seem obvious…  The following are all things I’ve seen seasoned teachers do.  I realize we get comfortable in our role as teachers, but here are a few, maybe not as obvious as we like to think, good reminders: Keep your eyes open while you teach – a moment of introspection is one thing, but keeping them […]

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5 ways to help encourage your yoga students to slow down

Not all students are going to breathe or move at the exact same pace as one another or their instructor. But, encouraging students to slow down in breath and pace is a critical component of our job as we guide them through class. How can you support your students? Here are 5 things you can […]

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The “stuff”

Not that “the stuff” is what it’s all about… BUT, if I look back at all of the things I use in a day, here a few of the basics, along with the why and what for.  Thought there might be a few you could use too! Click on any of the following for more info!   […]

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