Monthly Archives: September 2016


OURS IS ENDLESS! Certainly I’m not alone in that I find it is easier to identify my perceived limits than to recognize that no boundaries truly exist. This is especially true when I find that things are unplanned or not going according to my plan, my default can easily be to blame this on inability and simply give in.  […]

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because you CAN

AND THAT IS NOT THE CASE FOR EVERYONE In the spirit of gratitude, we are fortunate beings! If you are reading this, you have access to technology and a connection to others. You and I have the ability to read and share and celebrate with each other.   I notice how quickly I can shift […]

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NOT IN THE WAY OF ‘TRUST THE PROCESS’ BUT… I’ve recently noticed other ways that trust plays an integral role in my yoga. Having just moved to a brand new country and as I’ve been looking for my “place” in all aspects of my life, I’ve realized that core to finding it is trust.  Here’s what […]

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