Mindful Monday – Nov. 13, 2017

Mindful Monday – Nov. 13, 2017


Happy Monday!

~ from my mat to yours~
Here is some inspiration you can use
quotes | music | peak posture & cues
make a conscious decision to ...
because when you stop & look around...
Silence isn't empty...
              Songs on my playlist

The Sun                    B-Tribe
Honestly       Blue Sky Black Death
Smokey Taboo        CocoRosie
Love and Feeling    Chet Faker
400 Lux                    Lorde
The Fear                  Ben Howard
 cues to use…

  Peak Posture: extended childs pose

from tabletop pose 
Big toes touch.
Separate knees wide.
Option knees closer together.
Sit hips back towards heels.
Walk hands forward.
Rest forehead on the mat or block.
Relax your belly.
Slow your breath.
seated spine twist
With gratitude,

Anga & Greta