Mindful Monday – October 16, 2017

Mindful Monday – October 16, 2017

Here is some inspiration you can use
quotes | music | peak posture & cues
if you are helping someone and expecting something in return
kindness is the language which the deaf can hear..
              Songs on my playlist

The Girl                City and Colour
All I Need              AWOLNATION
Clocks                    Miami DJ Collective
Rain Mind              Giant Rocker
The Last Unicorn   Passenger
The End (Instr.)     Gavin Mikhail
 cues to use…

     Peak Posture: seated twist

               ‘ardha matsyendrasana 
right side, from seated 
Bend left knee, heel toward glute.
Plant right foot outside left thigh.
Option to keep left leg forward.
Place right hand on mat behind you.
Strengthen right arm.
Reach left arm up.
Exhale, twist; Left elbow to right thigh.
Keep spine long.
Shoulders soften.
Gaze behind you.
seated spine twist

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