Mindful Monday – September 18, 2017

Mindful Monday – September 18, 2017


Happy Monday!

~ from my mat to yours~
Here is some inspiration you can use
quotes | music | peak posture & cues
if you are helping someone and expecting something in return
kindness is the language which the deaf can hear..
Dalai Lama


           Songs on my playlist

Home                        Dubba Jonny
Drift Dive                 The Antlers
Got It, Lost It           Big Scary
Crystallize              Lindsey Stirling
Manhattan              Cat Power

 cues to use…

     Peak Posture: side plank pose

from high plank pose 
Keep left palm in place.
Lift right arm up.
Open to face right side of the room.
Option to set bottom knee down.
Flex toes toward face.
Squeeze bottom inner thigh upward.
Press into rooted palm.
Stack hips.
Reach crown of head forward.
Engage obliques.

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With gratitude,

Anga & Greta